How to use castor oil for stronger eyelashes

Few cosmetic gimmicks enhance a woman's beauty as much as long, thick eyelashes do. Almost every lady out there is aware of this fact, which is why many girls are willing to try the impossible just to have thicker, darker hairs on their eyelids. One of their most audacious efforts includes the use of castor oil to lengthen lashes and give them more luster.

If you are new to alternative ways of enhancing the hair on your eyelids, you might want to know how to use castor oil for stronger eyelashes. Here are a few tips and tricks that will get you started:

What is castor oil?

Contrary to what its name would suggest castor oil is not a derivative product of castors. In fact, this natural substance is extracted from the Ricinus communis, a plant also known as castor tree. This shrub grows mainly in Mediterranean Europe, East Africa, and India, and it has been used for centuries in various industries including medicine and cosmetics for its lubricant properties.

Castor oil also has precious antimicrobial qualities, which has convinced many cosmetic manufacturers to include it in remedies for damaged skin and hair. In time, this natural extract has made its way in the compositions of several eyelash enhancers and follicle rejuvenators.

Here is how to make it at home:

How to apply castor oil on your eyelashes

Several clinical studies have been developed on the use of castor oil. However, none of them touched the topic of eyelash enhancement. While some dermatologists recommend it for their short-lashed patients, others refrain from mentioning it to women who have trouble growing hair on their eyelids.

Nevertheless, if you have decided to give it a try and boost the length of your lashes, you should know that it is easy to apply, especially when it comes in pure, unaltered form. Here is how to do it:

  1. Always perform this beautifying treatment at night, before going to bed.
  2. Clean and rinse your eyelashes from makeup or dust.
  3. Dip a cotton bud in castor ol and apply it on the edges of your eyelids.
  4. Make sure not to get any of the liquid into your eyes.
  5. Wash off the oil next morning with plenty of water.

Repeat these simple steps every day to improve the health and growth of your eyelashes. If you accidentally drop castor oil into your eyes, use water immediately to clean it off and avoid infection.

Castor oil side effects on eyelids

Although there have not been reported any extreme side effects of castor oil use, some users have experienced allergic reactions. Doctors agree that you should apply a drop of this substance anywhere on your skin and observe its effects for 24 hours before testing it on your eyelids. This practice will help you avoid an adverse reaction to it.

The impact of castor oil on eyelash growth is still under debate. If you are not entirely convinced about using it, you should know that clinically tested and proven eyelash enhancers already exist. One of the most efficient of these beauty treatments is Nuviante - if you're from South Africa check out this info page before you'd think about acquiring it. It is basically a lash lengthener that guarantees longer, thicker and darker eyelashes in just a few weeks, and with zero side effects.

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